Alumni Magazine Article

Tirelessly Working on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”—Tragic suffering, a callous bureaucracy and a determined researcher were some of the elements that elevated this story about a research initiative.

Corporate Blog Post

Are We Leaving Small and Mid-Sized Printers Out of the Inkjet Revolution?”—The assignment was to tease the introduction of a new product into a new market—without describing the product. Hmm. Finding a controversial angle helped this blog generate enough buzz to be cited as news in an industry trade publication here.”


Stop Hospital Sprawl—A neighboring hospital buying property on my street was the impetus for this screed.

Case Histories

2016 Best of the Best Case History Book—This is a collection of easy-to-digest, highly formatted stories on customer successes with the client’s products.

Video Script

Streamlining Print Production of Personalized Catalogs”—I wrote the script and a treatment, helped direct a video shoot and contributed an accompanying blog, “Getting Personal with Printed Catalogsto demonstrate the advantages of this approach.


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